Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thanks For An Incredible 2019 - Happy New Year 2020!


It's crazy to think that today is the final day of 2019! So much has happened over the past year and as we're a little over halfway through of year 8 of COVAL, I want to thank you all for your continued loyalty, love, and support. If 2019 was a great year for you, then let's continue to build on it in 2020.  We at COVAL are excited to help you out with your continued growth!

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"Mike creates a sense of community among the members and encourages giving back to the community at large through fund raisers and so on. I tell people all the time that COVAL changed my life. Mike and his trainers customize your workouts to meet your unique needs and change things up just enough to keep you moving forward. They work tirelessly to keep up with the newest research in fitness and nutrition. You will not get an "out of the box" workout and for that reason, this is a great value for your money." - Jan M.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Eating the right foods and the right amount is important.


Are you searching for trainers near you in Ann Arbor that can help with your diet and fitness goals?

Don't just grab for the burger - it's an easy choice and on the surface not the absolute worst thing out there. But what else do you eat with it? A large box of fries? What about that drink? If you're being generous you're only grabbing a Diet Coke. Those calories stack up fast if you're not paying attention. And it's not even just the calories here. It's the composition of calories (not enough protein, excess carbs, fat and then other things like sodium, saturated fat, etc….ALSO, sodium and saturated fat are not bad…just in excessive amounts).

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Eating the right amount is just as important as what you eat!

Searching for "trains near me in Ann Arbor" to help you define your health goals and get results?

It starts with what - and - how much you're eating.

Now, unless there is an urgent need/desire to lose this weight in as short amount of time as possible, then it is desirable for long-term results to take a slower approach.  This means that the goal is to still get in as many calories as you can while remaining under your estimated daily allowance.

We want to maintain lean muscle mass.  9 times out of 10, when someone rapidly loses weight, there will be lean muscle tissue (sometimes a significant amount) that is lost.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Eating healthy isn't easy during the holidays - Do What's BEST for YOU!


Now, before we get into this, let me just say that I LOVE pizza. I LOVE burgers. I do eat things that aren't "good for me".

But, generally, when I go to family gatherings or group outings, there aren't the most healthy options available and sometimes it's not even the fact that those options aren't healthy…I just don't enjoy them (why does green bean casserole exist?!).

Back to my response from the joke from my family member and the laughter ensued.

I literally didn't care.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Why Resets are Important

What Are Resets Good For?

  • Decreasing stress (i.e. tightness, tension, pain) from common areas like the low back, knees, front of the shoulder, and neck.
  • Re-aligning your body (this is something that is chronic and requires enough frequency aka do it every day:-).
  • The breathing component will increase activity of the "rest & digest" part of your nervous system (aka parasympathetic nervous system).
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Monday, December 2, 2019


Having trouble with Push Ups? Our COVAL trainer Jess has some helpful tips for you!

Why are push ups so d*mn hard for women?! 
I can’t tell you the number of females I’ve talked to who have the goal of “just one push up!” like it’s this far off lofty goal that will probably never come to fruition. While sex specific physiological differences do play a part in these particular exercises, there is no reason that females should not be able to bust out this movements (and most females don’t believe me when I say that!). 
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