Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Who Are You Living For?

"I live for (insert person/people)"….
I've heard this statement from a decent amount of people that I've encountered and I heard it all through my childhood.

The disconnect with that statement is that often times, the people that state that aren't firm in their values & principles that they live by, so the model that they demonstrate to the person/people that they intend to live for is distorted.  The person fails to recognize that in order for their statement to be true, that they have to do better for themselves first before they can "live for" someone else.

There's absolutely no shame in this if this is you.

The first thing that you should do though, is clearly define your values & principles that you live by.  Without that, most efforts put forth in life will be misguided and ultimately end up missing the mark.

Start there and the momentum that builds up after that will have the force of a Mack truck as you start to conquer things in your life that seemed unachievable previously.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

"I Think What You're Doing Is Very Cool"

This 6'11 giant NBA player, towering over my Grandma, letting her know that her continuing to have a mindset of taking care of her body & her mind through training at the gym was one of the coolest things that he had seen.

He was right.  It is cool.  In fact, we have a lot of cool peeps here at COVAL that are tough as nails and have the right frame of mind that their age is not going to be a defining factor for them.
They continue to push through.  They continue to grow.  They continue to be able to achieve and do things that they didn't think were physically possible for them anymore.
Rick, Gloria, Connie, Candy, Debbi, Bruno, Anne, Susan, David, Candace, Michael, Jack, Harvey, Don S, Sarah, Don L, Annie, and Gram; all near, at, or older than 65 years old and kicking some serious butt in the gym each and every week.
If you're trying to figure out the right time to get started with improving your health & fitness, then just think about the "Cool Kids Club" and do as they do.  Working toward a healthier you is never too late, and it's never something to save for later.

"The gains I have achieved through the help of everyone at COVAL Fitness, in both strength and mobility, have given me renewed hope as I recover from a major injury. The limited time allowed at physical therapy left me very concerned that I would never be active again. I’m now experiencing less daily pain, and back to enjoying an active lifestyle again. This is due to the high level of expertise at COVAL and their continued encouragement. Money well spent on my health and life." - Laura H.
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Friday, October 18, 2019


It's Success Story Friday! This week's success story is a true one of a kind - Caitlin! 

 "It has been a privilege watching Caitlin's story this past year. She has faced adversity and tackled many obstacles, but what has helped her to be so successful and set her apart from others is her consistency in getting better in all areas of her life. She never ignores a problem, but always finds a way to overcome those barriers!"

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